Health, Happiness and Wellbeing 

Hi I'm Cathy, 

I've been practising yoga for over 27 years and teaching since 2000. 

Through my own experience of self practice, endeavouring to take yoga off the mat, and my observations of the students I have had the pleasure of teaching over the years I truly believe Yoga will enhance your health, happiness and wellbeing. 


Yoga is for everyone and those who are new to yoga may be surprised to hear it’s actually not really about being flexible. The practice of asanas/postures are good for maintaining joint mobility and stability, yoga helps you to be strong and maintain healthy bones. 

Pranayama/breath awareness will nourish the body, 'massage' the nervous system and help us to pay attention to the present moment.  

Meditation, Relaxation and Yoga Nidra are scientifically proven techniques to help with sleep, stress and anxiety and to help us cope with this crazy world we are now living in. 


For me the essence of the traditional practice of yoga is the mind, body, breath connection and how it can help us to ‘be’ even when we are ‘doing’. 

My classes are friendly and inclusive. Everybody is welcome.



Health, Happiness & Wellbeing

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Covid 19 Guidelines

A risk assessment has been carried out for all the spaces. Hand sanitiser is available.

Please bring your own equipment for all classes and wear a face mask until you are settled on your mat.

Lotus Flower - taken on a family holiday in Mauritius, 2007