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M Y  Q U A L I F I C A T I O N S

◦  British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma  

◦   Level 3 Diploma Mat Based Pilates 

◦  Emergency First Aid

◦  birthlight Diploma in Perinatal Yoga 

◦  birthlight Diploma in Baby Yoga 

◦  British Wheel of Yoga Yoga for Children 

◦  Natural Breath Meditation Teacher Training with Traditional Yoga 

◦  Yoga Therapy for Anxiety 

◦  Walking for Health Leader 

Recent CPDs 

◦  birthlight Well Woman Yoga for the Menopause, January 2021 

◦  Preventing Osteoportic Fractures with Yoga, with Dr. Timothy McCall 

◦  Mental Health Awareness in Sport and Physical Activity

◦  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. 

8 week course with Rita Bennett 

◦  Richard Adamo. Arm Balance and Headstands  

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